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Refund Hunters

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Don't Take Our Word for It....Hear it From Previous Clients

Heather and Kyle Bell, North Wilkesboro NC-

We used Refund Hunters to find our insurance premium refund and had it within the 120 days that's specified. We had tried going through FHA to collect it and had such a hard time. Then we saw this site and Casey and Ruth did the work for us. It's a great service.

Todd Ervin, Elizabeth City NJ-

Thanks for helping me get my insurance money back.

James Saponja, Boiling Springs CO-

Your company is terrific. There is no risk like at other companies because I didn't have to pay until AFTER I got my refund. I'll be sure to I recommend you to all my friends seeking a insurance refund.

Cheryl Resinger, Zebulon IN-

I am really surprised to see that there are still people in the world that focus on helping other people. And the price compared to other refund tracking companies I researched was a real bargain.

Robert and Trina Efird, Chapel Hill MO-

Thank you Casey and Ruth for Providing such a helpful service. I had no idea how to go about getting my refund and you helped out tremendously.